Class Reminders

Children attending Pre-School and after school classes MUST hold current British Gymnastics membership. New members will receive instructions with their Welcome Pack.

Current BG members will be sent a reminder direct from Britsh Gymnastics during the first half of the autumn term each year.


No Jewellery may be worn in gymnastics classes. Newly pierced earrings may be covered with tape after the initial piercing for a MAXIMUM OF 6 WEEKS. After 6 weeks they must be removed before each class.

British Gymnastics’ policy (see link )

Class Checklist

When attending your gymnastics class please may you bring the following:

  1. Pair of socks (for use on the trampoline only)
  2. A drink in a sports bottle, or bottle with a screw-top lid.

We ask you to bring these items into the gym as it will cause less disruption to the class.

Centre Behaviour

We ask parents to not dress their children or put shoes on in the entrance or hallways. This causes congestion at the beginning and end of classes. Please use the changing rooms provided. Please also keep all hallways clear of toys or extra items when using the centre, this may cause more hazards when needing to exit in an emergency.

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