Covid 19 Update Sept 2020

British Gymnastics has confirmed that the new restrictions do not apply to under 18’s so the majority of our classes can continue unchanged.

There have to be some changes to the Adults class and to the Accompanied classes for Under 5’s – both of these groups have been notified directly.

Whilst there are no changes to most of our classes the guidance which we had to follow in order to open is now a regulation and we must follow these to the letter

  • Your child MUST bring a bag to put their belongings in when in the gym – we can no longer provide these.

Your child should remove their shoes at the front door and step into the building without shoes on but they should not run around outside without shoes.

  • We cannot accept cash or cheques – if you are paying for a badge please pay through your bank and email us to let us know that you’ve paid and give us the details of the badge passed.

Late comers will not be permitted to enter the building or join the class, the front door will be locked about 5 minutes after the start of the class.

⦁ Pre-School & Parent & Toddler Classes – Adults entering the building for these classes MUST sign in or use the QR code.

⦁ We must follow the “Rule of Six” so no more than 5 adults in a group and no mixing of groups during the session.

⦁ Parents must not return to the entrance hall after entering the gym. If they wish to leave the building they must follow the one way system and exit at the back of the building.

If anyone leaves the building during a class they cannot return.

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