The Gym Session

All Gymnasts need to bring into the gym:

  • A drink (In a screw top or sports bottle).
  • A pair of socks (for use on the trampoline).

Warm up

This consists of a short challenging game where each gymnast moves in a variety of forms. This allows each person to raise their heart rate moving blood to every muscle, in preparation for the rest of the session.


Gymnasts follow along with a coach stretching all muscle groups before the skill part of the session. The stretch routine is adapted depending on the weekly plan of the sessions. Allowing the body to stretch activates the gymnasts their muscles in a controlled and gradual pattern.


During the main part of the session, the class is split into smaller groups, in these groups, a coach will work with the gymnast on a particular skill.Skills will be determined by the weekly session plan. Adding to this in each term a wide variety of skills will be coached depending on each individual’s experience and ability.

Warm down

The final section of the session brings the class back together and allows the gymnast to lower their heart rate and body temperature. In doing so the gymnast will experience a greater recovery from the session.

During periods of cold weather please wear appropriate clothing and footwear to and from the club.

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