The Gym Session ( What will happen)

Press Play to find out…….

Welcome to The Gym

Warm up

This consists of a short challenging game where you will move. This allows you raise your heart rate moving blood to every muscle, making your body ready for the rest of the session.


A coach will lead you in a variety of exercise stretching all muscle groups. The stretch routine is changed depending on what skills you will be doing. Stretching your body activates your muscles in a controlled way, we must do a stretch so we don’t injure ourselves before we do any gymnastic skills.


We will now be split into groups. A coach will work with you on a piece of aparatus. You will do different skills each week. Each term you will be taught a wide variety of skills depending on your age and ability.

End of the session

We will ask you to pick up your shoes and bag and for you to wait on a dot on the floor. When a coach calls your name you will walk down the side corridor. Please then put your shoes on, and walk out of the exit door to your adult who is picking you up.

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