Update Monday 23rd March

Fees – please could everyone ensure that they have paid this terms fees in full. These are our only income and will allow us to pay staff salaries and utility bills for this month.  We hope to be able to access the government funding to pay 80% of our staff salaries and thus keep staff on the payroll as long as possible. 

Direct Debits – if you pay by direct debit please ensure that your payments have covered this terms fees then cancel any further payments until we know when we will reopen. 

Bank Payment – if anyone has made a payment into the back with the reference Dorchester YMCA please would they get in touch to let us know who/what it is for! 

Exercises & Activities – our coaches will shortly be providing work sheets, and ideas for exercises and activities but in the meantime here is a link to a free resource that you might find useful for keeping your gymnast occupied and physically active whilst at homehttps://headoverheelsgymnastics.co.uk/product/free-downloadable-gymnastics-game/?fbclid=IwAR0bmNVJEaairnWm2J2x7zClasDb6O5gRZADhpC4reeHCKvmR0GO8s1teOI