Breaking Down Problems
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If you have a problem try using the practice below.

  1. Find out what the problem is, talk to a friend or one of your parents about it.
  2. Split the problem into small steps that you are able to to do one at a time.
  3. Ask yourself what steps you can do and which ones are to hard to do.
  4. Practice the steps that you find hard, but only do them one at a time.

Soon the problem will become smaller, and you will be able to face it without feeling unhappy or worried about it at all!

Read here for how to put the above into practice with this example.


Worried about coming to Gym, as I find is scary and I dont know what will happen.

Breaking down the problem into parts

1.Are you thinking of wanting to come to Gym? (Thinking about it is a great first step!)

2.Do I feel happy to turn up to gym at the right time, and standing outside?

3.Are youab le to come in say my name to the Coach and then clean my hands?

4.Do you feel ready to walk into the gym, putting my bag on to a mat, then sitting on the floor?

What steps do I find difficult?

I really want to come to gym, and I feel happy to turn up at the right time and stand outside, but I am a bit worried about coming in the door….

Practicing the steps

I am going to practice step 3 with a friend so when I go to gym I know what to say to the coach when i go in.

I still worry about step 4, maybe I could ask a coach at the gym or my mum or dad where I should put my bag and where I could sit on the floor when I am in the Gym.

Feel Better

The problem doesnt seem that big now, I only need help with two things! Going to gym is not such a big thing now!

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