Dorchester YMCA Committee 


As the Dorchester YMCA is a self supporting non profit making Christian Charitable organisation which welcomes people of all ages and abilities regardless of gender, race, ability or faith it requires a committee to operate which is governed by the Charity Commission.


The Dorchester YMCA have a very committed Board of Management supported by members and parents all of whom work in a voluntary capacity to oversee and manage our 19 employed members of staff including a Centre Manager, Gymnastics Coaches and Centre Cleaner, this includes making sure that all staff are given training up to the level required and that all policies and practices fall in line with YMCA England and British Gymnastics both of whom Dorchester YMCA are affiliated.


Please Meet the Board Trustee Members


President: Mr Godfrey Lancashire


Chairman: Mr Peter Green


Hon.Secretary: Mrs Sarah Longdon


Hon.Treasurer: Mr David Maslen


Trustee Executive Director: Susan O’Flanagan


Committee Member: Alison Legg


Committee Member: Lesley Dowsett



As a charity Dorchester YMCA  requires trustees to oversee matters and ensure that the club is run on the right lines. Without trustees the club would close. Trustees are volunteers whose main role is to oversee the running of the club without being involved in the day to day management. The role is not time consuming but is essential. As a trustee you would attend meetings of trustees, be involved in discussions and decisions and it would be up to you to become further involved if you so wished. Meetings are usually one and half hours every 6 to 8 weeks. We would like more parents to become involved and would like to urge you to  seriously think about putting yourself forward to become a trustee. Peter Green, the chair, would be happy to talk with you and provide more information. Please contact him via the office or send an e mail to: Leave your name and telephone number and he will get back to you.

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