Covid-19 Operating Guidelines

These guidelines will be reviewed regularly and amended where necessary in accordance with the advice provided by Public Health England, Government and British Gymnastics.

Key Points

  • All staff, gymnasts and parents should be aware of the main Covid-19 symptoms which include a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  • If staff, gymnasts parents or members of their household experience any symptoms we ask them not to visit the YMCA and to inform us immediately.
  • Gymnasts must not attend class if they are feeling unwell or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms or if any of their family are unwell, displaying symptoms or isolating
  • Gymnasts who have travelled abroad to a country which requires quarantine on return must not attend the centre until the isolation period has elapsed
  • Any gymnast or member of staff becoming unwell during a class will be isolated in the activity hall and parents called to collect them as soon as possible.

On Arrival

  • Gymnasts will enter via the front door
  • No parents/guardians to enter the building except for Accompanied Classes
    • One adult per child in accompanied classes
    • Adults should wear face coverings
  • Gymnasts must arrive dressed for gymnastics – no changing rooms available
  • Gymnasts must bring a large bag with them to contain the following:
    • Shoes – to be removed on entry to the building and placed in the bag (please ensure these are easy for your child to slip on and off)
    • Tee shirt/sweatshirt
    • Drink
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Clean socks (any child without their own socks will not be able to go on the trampoline).
    • Earrings must be removed before class – gymnasts may cover their ears with tape for 6 weeks after having their ears pierced – please inform us if this is the case & provide your own tape
  • Gymnasts will register with the member of staff on the door, remove shoes & place in their bag, sanitise hands and follow directions into the gym
  • Once the class has started staff will clean and sanitise the entranceway ready for the next class
  • Late comers will not be allowed to enter the building or join the class

On Exit

  • At the end of the class gymnasts will be dismissed from the fire exit at the side of the building
  • Gymnasts must be collected from the door; no child will be permitted to leave without being collected by a responsible adult
  • Please email us if your child is going to be walking home alone or is being collected by another parent
  • Any gymnast not collected at the end of the class will be isolated in the Activity Hall until collected
  • Any gymnast who is collected late on more than one occasion will be removed from class
  • Once all gymnasts have been collected staff will clean and sanitise the exit area


  • Lost property will not be kept unless clearly marked with the owners name
  • Gymnasts who do not bring a drink with them will not be able to get one from the kitchen – the kitchen is for staff use only
  • Gymnasts should go to the toilet before coming to gymnastics but will be permitted to use the toilets during class if necessary
  • Staff will clean the toilets if used during class
  • Coaches are now permitted to support gymnasts – see separate Coach Contact Guidance

Karen Hofen

Updated 01/09/2021

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