Code of conduct

This code of conduct applies to all members of the YMCA and will apply to all users of the YMCA who hire the premises or use the premises as guests.

The basis of this code is acceptance of the values of the YMCA as set down in its revised constitution. The values are set out below.

Dorchester YMCA, through its board of management, Trustees and President affirms that it expects all those associated with the YMCA, when on its premises and representing the Dorchester YMCA to:

• Be respectful of each other and ‘users’ and courteous at all times

• Conduct themselves with integrity and honesty

• Be fair and even-handed, when dealing with ‘users’

• Act impartially when faced with conflicting issues

• Treat everyone with dignity

• Be accountable for actions and behaviour

• Be open and transparent in conduct

• Make sure that communication is clear, appropriate and understood by those with whom it is shared.

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