Covid-19 Class Reminders

Gymnasts must come dressed for ready gymnastics, it is not possible to use the changing rooms

Please could gymnasts have a suitable jumper or top, as the gym can become cold during sessions in the current covid situation.

Long hair must be tied up – we cannot provide hair tiese

Jewellery must be removed before entering the building.

Earrings are not permitted and must be removed before entering the building – please contact us if your child has had their ears pierced in the last six weeks

Late comers will not be allowed to enter the building or join the class

ON Arrival

  • Gymnasts will register with the member of staff on the door.
  • Gymnasts will enter via the front door

All Gymnasts

Gymnasts must bring a suitable bag with them to contain the following:

Shoes – to be removed on entry to the building and placed in the bag

Tee shirt/Sweatshirt.


Hand sanitiser

Clean socks (any child without their own socks will not be able to go on the trampoline).

Gymnasts who do not bring a drink with them will not be able to get one from the kitchen.

ON Exit

  • At the end of the class gymnasts will be dismissed from the fire exit at the side of the building
  • Gymnasts must be collected from the door; no child will be permitted to leave without being collected by a responsible adult
  • Please email us if your child is going to be walking home alone or is being collected by another parent
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